Stanislav Libensky

1921 - 27.III. Sezemice - Mnichovo Hradiste, Czech Republic

Education and Professional Experience


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Attended the Specialized School of Glassmaking in Novy Bor (Haida) and Zelezny Brod
1939-44       Studies at the School of Applied Arts in Prague, glass atelier under Prof. J. Holecek
1949-50       Studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, glass atelier under Prof. J. Kaplicky
1945-54       Lecturer at the Specialized School for Glassmaking in Nový Bor and designer for glassworks in the region
Since 1954  Works together with Jaroslava Brychtova
1954-63       Director of the Specialized School for Glassmaking in Zelezny Brod
1963-87       Head professor of the Glass Atelier at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague
Since 1982  Guest lecturer in Stanwood, WA, Pilchuck Summer School; Detroit, Michiganc, Center for Creative Studies - College of Art and Design as well as in other locations in the USA, together with Jaroslava Brychtova head of numerous glass workshops
Since 1984   Private studio Zelezny Brod
2002 Stanislav Libensky died February 24 at the age of 80.